Canon IJ Printer Driver

The Canon IJ printer driver (called printer driver below) is a software that is installed on your computer for printing data with this machine.

The printer driver converts the print data created by your application software into data that your printer can understand, and sends the converted data to the printer.

Because different models support different print data formats, you need a printer driver for the specific model you are using.

Printer Driver Types

On Windows Vista SP1 or later, you can install the XPS printer driver in addition to the regular printer driver.
The XPS printer driver is suited to print from an application software that supports XPS printing.

  • To use the XPS printer driver, the standard printer driver must already be installed on your computer.

Installing the Printer Driver

  • To install the regular printer driver, load the Setup CD-ROM that comes with the machine, and then install the driver from Start Setup Again.

  • To install the XPS printer driver, load the Setup CD-ROM that comes with the machine, and then select XPS Driver from Add Software.

Specifying the Printer Driver

To specify the printer driver, open the Print dialog box of the application software you are using, and select "XXX Printer" (where "XXX" is your model name) to specify the regular printer driver or select "XXX Printer XPS" (where "XXX" is your model name) to specify the XPS printer driver.

How to Use Printer Driver Help

You can display the Help function from the printer driver setup window.

  • To view all descriptions of a tab...

    Click the Help button on each tab. A dialog box opens, displaying a description of each item on the tab.
    You can also click the link found in the description of an item to display a description of the linked dialog box.

  • To see a description for each item...

    Right-click the item you want to learn about and then click What's This?.
    Alternatively, when the Help button is found at the right end of the title bar, click that button, and then click the item you want to learn about.
    A description of the item is displayed.

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