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Cannot Send a Fax

  1. Check1 Is the power turned on?

    • You cannot send faxes if the power is turned off. Press the ON button to turn the power on.

    • If you unplugged the power cord without turning off the power (the POWER lamp is lit), reconnecting it turns on the power automatically.

    • If you unplugged the power cord after pressing the ON button to turn off the power (the POWER lamp is off), reconnect it, then press the ON button to turn on the power.

    • If the power was turned off due to power failure, etc., the power is automatically turned on when the power failure is resolved.


    • Confirm that the POWER lamp is off before unplugging the power cord, then unplug the power cord.

      If a power failure occurs or you unplug the power cord, all faxes stored in the machine's memory are deleted.

      For details on how to unplug the power cord, refer to Notice for Unplugging the Power Cord.


    • If the faxes stored in the machine's memory are deleted by a power failure or unplugging the power cord, the list of the faxes deleted from the machine's memory (MEMORY CLEAR REPORT) will be printed after turning the machine on.

      For details, see Summary of Reports and Lists.

  2. Check2 Is the document being sent from memory or the fax being received into memory?

    When the message for the transmission/reception is displayed on the LCD, a fax is being sent from/received into machine's memory. Wait until the transmission/reception is complete.

  3. Check3 Is the machine's memory full?

    Delete contents in memory, then send a fax again.

    Document Stored in Machine's Memory

  4. Check4 Is the telephone line type set correctly?

    Check the telephone line type setting and change it as necessary.

    Setting the Telephone Line Type

  5. Check5 Is Hook setting set to Disable?

    When you send a fax manually, dial the number with Enable selected for Hook setting in Security control under Fax settings, or dial the number using the telephone connected to the machine.

    Security control

  6. Check6 Is Dial tone detect set to ON?

    Resend the fax after a while.

    If you still cannot send the fax, select OFF for Dial tone detect in Adv. FAX settings under Fax settings.

    Adv. FAX settings

  7. Check7 Is the fax number registered correctly in the machine's directory?

    Check the recipient's fax/telephone number, correct the fax/telephone number registered in the machine's directory, then send the document again.

    Changing Registered Information


    • You can check the registered information in the machine's directory by printing RECIPIENT TELEPHONE NUMBER LIST.

      Summary of Reports and Lists

  8. Check8 Does an error occur during transmission?

  9. Check9 Is the document loaded properly?

    Remove the document, then reload it on the platen glass or in the ADF.

    Loading Originals

  10. Check10 Does a printer error occur?

    Ensure that an error message is displayed on the LCD. When an error message is displayed on the LCD, check the cause.

    When the error message with the support code is displayed, refer to List of Support Code for Error.

    When the error message without the support code is displayed, refer to A Message Is Displayed.

    If you are in a hurry, press the Stop button to close the message, then send the fax.

  11. Check11 Is the telephone line connected correctly?

    Reconnect the telephone line cable to the telephone line jack.

    Basic Connection

    If the telephone line is connected correctly, there is a problem with your telephone line. Contact your telephone company and the manufacturer of your terminal adapter or telephone adapter.