Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

The machine allows you to enter characters by selecting them from an on-screen character list when registering information, such as unit name, a recipient's name for coded speed dial, etc.

Switching the Input Mode

The machine has three input modes: lowercase mode, uppercase mode, and numeric mode. When you press the center Function button (Aa1), the input mode is switched in the following order: lowercase mode, uppercase mode, then numeric mode.


 For unit telephone number entry or fax/telephone number entry for coded speed dial, only the numbers and symbols available for that type of entry are displayed on the screen.

Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

Press the Up, Down, Left, and Right button (A) to select the character, then press the OK button (B).

To enter a space, select Space.

To delete the last character you entered, press the right Function button to select Del. character.

After all characters are entered, press the left Function button to select Done.

Editing Entered Numbers, Letters, and Symbols

Figure: LCD

To edit entered characters, press the Up or Down button to select the entry column (C).

Press the Left or Right button to move the cursor under the position you want to edit.

 To insert a space

Select Space, then press the OK button.

 To insert a character

Select the character you want to insert, then press the OK button.

 To delete a character

Press the right Function button to select Del. character. When the cursor is at the end of the characters and Del. character is selected, the left character of the cursor will be deleted (backspace).

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