Cautions When Printing on a Printable Disc

 Be sure to use the disc tray supplied with this machine. It has a "J" on the upper side.

 Do not print on printable discs that are not compatible with inkjet printing. The ink will not dry and may cause problems with the disc itself or devices which the disc is loaded onto.

 Do not print on the printable discs' recording surface. Doing so will make data recorded on discs unreadable.

 Hold the printable discs by their edges. Do not touch either the label surface (printing surface) or recording surface.

 Remove any dirt from the disc tray before placing printable discs on the disc tray. Loading discs in a dirty disc tray may scratch the recording surface of the discs.

 After printing, allow the printing surface of the disc to dry naturally. Do not use hairdryers or expose the disc to direct sunlight to dry the ink. Do not touch the printing surface until the ink has dried.

 Do not attach the disc tray while the machine is in operation.

 Do not remove the disc tray while printing on printable discs. Doing so may damage the machine, the disc tray, or the disc.

 Do not get dirt or scratches on the reflectors of the disc tray. The machine may not be able to recognize loading of the printable disc, or printing may become misaligned. If the reflectors on the disc tray become dirty, wipe the reflector clean with a soft and dry cloth, taking care not to scratch the plate.

 The disc tray may become dirty if software other than My Image Garden is used.

 Always close the inner cover after printing on printable discs.

 To keep the print quality at an optimal level, it is recommended to stop printing discs once every ten discs when printing more than ten discs continuously.
To stop the printing operation, detach the disc tray from the machine, then close the inner cover. After approximately three minutes have elapsed, open the inner cover, attach the disc tray to the machine, then resume printing.

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