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Network Selection Screen

You can select the scanners or printers to be used for scanning or printing over a network from your computer.

Network Selection Screen

In Product Name in the Settings (General Settings) dialog, select an item with "Network" after the product name from the list, then click Select that appears to the right of the product name to display the network selection screen.


The Bonjour service names of the scanners or printers that can be used over the network are displayed.

You can select one scanner or printer per model.


  • You cannot use over the network if Bonjour is disabled. Enable Bonjour on your scanner or printer.
  • If you have changed the Bonjour service name after selecting your scanner or printer by Bonjour service name, reopen the network selection screen and select the new Bonjour service name from Scanners.
Opens this guide.


  • If the Bonjour service name of your scanner or printer does not appear or cannot be selected, check the following, click OK to close the screen, then reopen it and try selecting again.

    • The scanner driver is installed
    • Network settings of your scanner or printer is completed after installing the scanner driver
    • Network communication between your scanner or printer and computer is enabled
      If your scanner or printer still does not appear, refer to "Network Communication Problems" for your model from Home of the Online Manual.