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Connection via Standard setup

  1. Tap Standard setup.

    Wireless LAN setup screen: Select Standard setup
  2. Tap your access point.

    Access point selection screen

    If another screen appears, refer to "Troubleshooting."

  3. One of the screens below will be displayed on the printer.

    If Connected to the access point. appears on the printer, the network does not require a password. Go to step 9 and proceed with the setup.

    WEP key entry screen
    Passphrase entry screen

    If another screen appears, refer to "Troubleshooting."

  4. Tap the screen.

  5. Enter the network password (WEP key or passphrase).

    Character entry is case-sensitive so be sure to confirm.

    If you don't know the network password for your access point, refer to the manual supplied with the access point or contact its manufacturer.

    (Appears in a new window)

    Network key entry screen
  6. Tap OK.

    Network key entry screen
  7. Make sure that the network password is correct.

    Character entry is case-sensitive.

  8. Tap OK.

    WEP key confirmation screen
    Passphrase confirmation screen
  9. When the screen below appears, tap OK.

    Completion screen (Connected to the access point.)
    HOME screen

    If another screen appears, refer to "Troubleshooting."

The network connection setup is now complete.