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Set up the printer by using "PIXMA Printing Solutions," an application for iOS.

By using "PIXMA Printing Solutions," you can print or scan from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch easily.

You can also check the printer's ink model numbers and other information.

Downloading the Application

Download free from App Store.


  • Download requires registration for an App Store account.
  • The application can be downloaded for free; however, transmission fees for connecting to App Store apply.
  • Download is not possible if your operating system environment does not support the application. The application download page may not appear as well.

Application Setup

After completing installation of the application, follow the steps below to set up the product.


  • The displayed screens may vary depending on your device.
  1. Make sure that the product is turned on.

  2. Start the application, then tap the screen.

    Application setting screen
  3. Check if your product name is displayed below (Printer).

    If displayed, setup has been completed. The subsequent steps are not required.
    If not displayed, tap (Printer), then proceed to the next step.

    Application setting screen
  4. Tap Detect Printer.

    Application setting screen

    Select your product in the displayed screen to complete the setup. In that case, the subsequent steps are not required.
    If your product is not detected, proceed to the next step to continue with the setup.


    • Detection may take time.
    • If your product is not detected even though its network connection is already completed, make sure that the product is connected to the same access point as iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  5. Tap Printer Setup.

    Application setting screen
  6. Select the printer connection method.

    Application setting screen
  7. Tap Setup Guide.

    Application setting screen
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to set.

    When network setup is complete, return to the application screen, then perform Step 3 (and Step 4 as needed) again.